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Post Burning Man Reflections


It’s been nearly four days since the burn. A whole 24+ hours of recovery sleep, 3 loads of dusty laundry and 3 Instagram posts later, I still can’t seem to get the playa out of my mind. Everyone warns you about post-BM withdrawals, but like most things, a warning does little to prepare you for the real thing. 

I long for 8:30 dinner with my camp mates, 17 wonderful, funny, witty and interesting friends that I’m blessed to call my playa family. I crave the freedom that comes when time is obsolete and being “in-the-moment” is an inevitable requirement of life on the playa. And most of all, I miss the love I felt from others, for others, and perhaps most importantly, for myself. 

Burning Man is something I hope to be a part of for the rest of my life. But until next year, there are many lessons learned from BM that I hope to carry with me into my regular life… most seem intuitive and simple, but sometimes, even the simplest of things require gentle reminders.

Reminder #1: Ain’t nobody got time for FOMO

I fall prey to FOMO probably more than anyone I know. Perhaps it stems from being a lonely only child growing up, always yearning for connection. At BM, FOMO was irrelevant; at any given time, there was always something to do, something magical to see and someone amazing to meet. The real world we live in is also full of marvel and wonder, and if we really think about it, there’s always going to be something to do, something to see and we’ll have to make some choices. So no need to feel like we’re missing out on anything… We’ve got to listen to my mind, soul and body instead of looking at others. The only way to miss out is to be disengaged, the rest doesn’t matter. Just choose your own adventure and go.

Reminder #2: Relax… Put it out in the universe, It’ll happen if it’s supposed to

I knew many friends besides my campmates that were going to be at BM. And of all my friends, there was only one person that I truly wanted to see. One of my most special and dearest friends Chris (who I hadn’t seen for years) and I had made plans to meet up weeks prior to BM.  Throughout the week, I would ride to his camp to try and find him, and he did the same for me. Yet, somehow, we always missed each other. By the end of BM, I had ran into a bunch of people I didn’t expect to see, but still no Chris. Then It was Saturday, the day that the man burned and our last full day at BM… I decided to stop by Chris’ camp one last time in hopes to finally connect with him. [Some background info: Chris was staying at 6:45 and C, a strange block that was particularly hard to find ]. As my boyfriend and I rode around searching and failing to find Chris’ camp, my frustrations grew and my hope and enthusiasm began to dwindle. At one point I think I even took out my frustrations on my sweet boyfriend, annoyed that we had been wandering around for nearly an hour and still unable to locate 6:45 and C. And just as I was at the point of giving up, I look out into the distance to see Chris walking towards me, unaware I that I was walking towards him. “YOU… I’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU ALL WEEK!” I screamed as I ran towards him. As soon as he realized who I was, he picked me up and we embraced for a good minute before he let go. “KARLAAAAA!” he screamed back, “We’re right about to leave! Our car is all packed up and ready to go. I was literally taking my last stroll on the playa. The playa delivers another miracle!” Our embrace and reunion was so genuine and joyful that a stranger asked to snap a picture of us just so she could remember our special moment. My point is, like so many factors in life, finding someone on the playa is, for the most part, out of our control. All we can do is put it out in the universe and have faith that it will deliver. Energy towards being frustrated, worried or frightened is futile.

Reminder #3: We were all born to be kings and queens

It’s funny. I spend all this time keeping up with fashion blogs, watching Youtube makeup tutorials, curling my hair, yet somehow it’s never enough. But on the playa, with minimal to no makeup (there’s simply no point when you’re covered in dust), dreaded and nappy hair, ashy feet… I felt completely beautiful and one with my skin. I wore what I wanted to, when I wanted to with no regards for how my body looked. Take away the glitz and glam, the need to keep up with the Jones, and all the things that feed your ego, and you’re left with nothing but your true self. And in a place where everyone is being themselves and everyone is stripped of materialistic wants, everyone is at ease with themselves and therefore, at peace with others. Our beauty comes from within; when our soul glows, so does our skin. Nurturing our inner beauty is critical to enhancing our outer beauty. May we devote just a teeny bit more time to keeping my inner fire lit than to keeping up with the latest makeup trick. And may we devote more energy into reminding those around me of their beauty and inner royalty.

Reminder #4: Create, create, create

The playa oozed creativirty and expression. From the way people dressed to the things people made, there was inspiration on every corner. And while not everything was conventionally pretty (at one point, I even passed an art car that had old, dirty clothes draped over it), it was all authentic, honest and playfully expressive. Here’s to making a commitment to make more, write more, think outside the box more.  Here’s to looking at the world as one large canvas, from the color of our shoelaces to the scribblings in our journal.

Reminder #5: All I need in this life of sin, is me, my boo and my crew

No explanation needed there. 




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Be revolutionary.


look at this nigga just chillen, he prolly already mastered like 6 different styles of kung fu and drunken fist boxing and i’m over here just struggling to put my usb in my laptop correctly on the first try


look at this nigga just chillen, he prolly already mastered like 6 different styles of kung fu and drunken fist boxing and i’m over here just struggling to put my usb in my laptop correctly on the first try